The Teachers

 Teachers - Bill Kierath - 0402 823 153

                Barb Woolfe - 0428 119 633 


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The Lessons

Bridge classes are conducted in an easy, informal style using the Standard American System, with an emphasis on card playing as you learn.

  • We want people to have fun, make friends, while they learn to play Bridge.
  • The course consists of 7 free classes of about 2 hours each, and start in March and September.
  • The text used is 'Intoduction to Bridge' by Paul Marston.
  • We welcome new players at any time, and they will be included into the existing programs. 
  • New player lessons are held each Tuesday 7 - 9pm, and Thursday mornings 9.30 - 11.30


New Player Lessons

Brand new 'Beginning Bridge' classes will commence Tuesday March5 (7-9pm) and Thursday March7 (9.30-11.30)

Contact Bill 0402 823 152 or Barb 0428 119 633

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